20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0797donkeycart.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0799.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0800reststop.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0801cactus.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0802dam.JPG
20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0803dam.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0804.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0805.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0806.JPG
20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0808.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0809creek.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0810.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0811.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0812JPG.jpg
20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0813JPG.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0814JPG.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0815bostriches.JPG
Ostriches near The Rest
20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0815volstruisJPG.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0816.jpg
20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0817.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0818spill.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0819.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0823.JPG 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF0823b.JPG
20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF08247JPG.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF08248JPG.jpg 20081217GRtoLadismithDSCF08249JPG.jpg

SA 20081217 - GRAAFF REINET to LADISMITH - Part 1

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The sweet receptionist, Michelle, let me use her Internet when I finally got to read Mercia's E-mail re Umkomaas and snow in PA - so I definitely do not look forward to going home... then I skipped breakfast and left before 08:00, odometer reading 23155, taking N9 to Aberdeen and a picture of a donkey cart.
At about 10:00 but exactly 23240 on the odometer and some 30 kms from Willowmore, I made a reststop near well-named "Vogelstruisleegte" and used some visine to be better prepared for the coming scenic Groot Swartberge and "Nietgenaamd" (=not named, what a lie) Natural Reserve. I was pleasantly surprised to find a shortcut to Oudtshoorn (102km) , route R341, and soon, even before "The Rest" I shot some ostriches, while in Rest itself I refused to take any picts of the many B and B's, restaurants and art shops.