Last view of the
Indian Ocean at
Mazeppa Bay
20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0654wreck.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0655roadback.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0656.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0659goats.jpg
20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0660.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0662.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0663.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0664.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0665.jpg
20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0666.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0668garbage.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0669reststop.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0670reststop.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0671yellowshrubs.jpg
20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0675ridetoButterworthLumkaMathe24tchrWSU.jpg 20081215MazeppatoAliceDSCF0672yellowshrubs.jpg

Lumka Mathe
24, teacher

BLO fecit

SA 2008-2 Journey

SA 20081215


Mazeppa Bay to Butterworth and N2
Butterworth to King Williams Town
I departed Mazeppa Bay at 07:05 odometer 022594 and took some nostalgic sea and skyscape photos.
When I stopped near Taffalifefe to take a shot of some goats, a 12 year old girl materialized and offered to take the picts for which she greedily charged R 20 and wished me a Merry Christmas. It then started to rain and I picked up a young lady on her way to shop in Butterworth.
She was a 24 year old teacher from WSU. Her husband had died last February in 5 days leaving her two children. She earned R5K per month (US$ 500) and had saved R1K. She was dressed in a leather coat costing R450 and had a nice handbag worth R120. To take a "kombi" to Butterworth or back cost R21.
Butterworth was crowded and wet, so I did not take any photos. I enjoyed the spectacular N2 section across the Kei bridge which I knew from last Februari. and where I stopped at Ultracity for lunch and ATM. A dozen or so kms further south I turned off onto Route R63 to Komga, Kei Road and King Williams Town. The German names of towns nearby derive from the settlers from the German Legion which was disbanded after the Crimean War.