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December 12, 2008
during vacation
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SA 2008-2 Journey
BLO fecit

After our first visit to Mthatha in Feb.2008, I wrote an E-mail to the secretaries listed on the WSU website asking them to forward it to the Dean proposing that I visit them in November and present one or more free seminars on oceanography, geology and environmental science, with a link to my resume. To my chagrin, I did not get a response, but at the time of this brief visit, everybody was on holiday, so the campus was virtually closed.

LINKS: WSU Home Page - WSU about Walter Sisulu - Wikipedia about Walter Sisulu
NOTE: WSU does not mention that WS was the son of a white foreman, as is alleged in Wikipedia's article.
If so, WS was colored, like Pres (elect-till Tuesday) Obama, except that in the USA he is considered black
(or does SA have the same attitude?)-
SA Heroes: Walter Sisulu
WSU by Stephen, a rural virologist - and also an accomplished blogger
WSU by 2009 Web popularity of SA Universities - ranking 13th but let's not be superstitious!