View from The
Sunrise Guesthouse
20081214MthathatoMazeppaBayDSCF0622MazeppaBayviewfromTrishaGuesthouseislandandbridgei.jpg 20081214MthathatoMazeppaBayDSCF0623MazeppaBaySanddune.jpg
Sand Dunes between
Mazeppa and Qora River
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SA 20081214


Hostess Trisha
with her Favorite
BLO enjoying lunch
by John Schoenlang
20081214MthathatoMazeppaBayDSCF0632MazeppaBayHotel.jpg 20081214MthathatoMazeppaBayDSCF0634MazeppaBayHotel.jpg 20081214MthathatoMazeppaBayDSCF0636MazeppaBayHotelWeaverbirdnestsThreateningClouds.jpg
Mazeppa Bay Hotel
with weaverbird nests
20081214MthathatoMazeppaBayDSCF0638MazeppaBayHotel.jpg 20081214MthathatoMazeppaBayDSCF0645MazeppaBayjuniorguest.jpg
Contents of
SA2008-2 Journey
Cowpie Mushrooms
on sandy beach
(right):Chain bridge
to rocky island
SATMAPS of Mazeppa
and vicinity
BLO fecit

After the long ride from N2 on a corrugated sandroad with numerous encounters I was as happy as Xenophon's soldiers to finally get to "Thalassa" - the sea, c.q. the Indian Ocean. I first bypassed the Hotel and drove to the end of a series of houses on the edge of the cliff. I stopped at the last house which appeared to be a B and B ("The Sunrise Guesthouse") and asked a girl who was working in the small vegetable garden if there would be a vacancy. She called her boss-lady, Trish, who was very sad to have to tell me that she had a full house. She did, however, invite me in for a beer and a chat. This was around 14:00 and she introduced her friend, John Schoenlang, who showed me the fine views and then made us a fine lunch. Thus it was not till about 16:00 that I found a pleasant room in the fabulous Mazeppa Bay Hotel. Shortly after I moved in, a heavy rainstorm made me decide to go to bed early and skip dinner. At 20:00, however, someone knocked on my door and the manager told me they had missed me for dinner so here it was ....and a young lady put it on my verandah table. I was much impressed with this kind service and after dinner walked through the hotel chatting around and searching for the Internet, but instead got distracted by the frantic antics of dozens of weaverbirds. I slept very well to the sound of the surf of the same Indian Ocean at the other end of which - in Sulawesi, Indonesia - Paul Billeter had spent the change of millennium. Got up awfully early, walked to beach and took photo of two mushrooms growing on a piece of cow dung, then to the top of the hill to see the next bay. None of the many guests were awake yet, and I decided not to wait till the 08:00 breakfast, but instead left at 07:05 odometer 022594.