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stray horse at left
gabions on right
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SA 20081213
part 3

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BLO fecit

SA 2008-2 Journey
(right): Barbara's
Guesthouse, Mthatha

What with gastric problems, I departed Kokstad rather late, 09:30, odometer 22,080 on Route R56. Lovely mountain scenery near Cedarville, where an indignant female hitchhiker waved me on. Neat Matatiele. Stopped by female agents at side road to historic Ongeluksnek, where the Griquas suffered severe losses during their trek to Nomansland.

At 11:05 I tanked at Mount Fletcher (odometer 22,222). Next, I tried to reach Tsitsama Falls but the road was rather bad and the sky too threatening, so I turned back, 13:00 Maclear (again) where I bought an icecream from a white lady who gave me the keys to the clean ladies room. At about 14:00 I cleared Tsolo and raced along N2 to Mthatha, which I knew pretty well from out previous visits in February. I checked in with Stan, Tooswa and Julian of Barbara's Guesthouse. Had dinner with Orlando, one of eleven Cuban doctors attached to Walther Sisulu University and the local hospital. I gather that the Cuban government not only pays their families' living expenses and education in Cuba, but also B and L and an "overseas allowance" of some $ 50 - not per day, but per month.... Admirable!