20081211DSCF0402UmkomaasGailPaul.JPG 20081212DSCF0403Umkomaas.jpg
near Umkomaas
20081212DSCF0404Umkomaas.jpg 20081212DSCF0405southofUmkomaas.jpg 20081212DSCF0407southofUmkomaas.jpg
20081212DSCF0408southofUmkomaas.jpg 20081212DSCF0409southofUmkomaas.jpg 20081212DSCF0410southofUmkomaas.jpg 20081212DSCF0412southofUmkomaas.jpg 20081212DSCF0414southofUmkomaas.jpg
Southern Mall
Port Shepstone
20081212DSCF0415southofUmkomaasnearPortEdward.jpg 20081212DSCF0416southofUmkomaas.jpg
near Port Edward
20081212DSCF0417asouthofUmkomaas.jpg 20081212DSCF0419.jpg
R61 bridge across
Mthamvuma River
Wild Coast !
20081212DSCF0421R61PortEdwardtoKokstad.jpg 20081212DSCF0422R61PortEdwardtoKokstad.jpg 20081212DSCF0423R61PortEdwardtoKokstad.jpg 20081212DSCF0424R61PortEdwardtoKokstad.jpg 20081212DSCF0425R61PortEdwardtoKokstad.jpg
20081212DSCF0426R61PortEdwardtoKokstad.jpg 20081212DSCF0427R61PortEdwardtoKokstad.jpg 20081212DSCF0428R61PortEdwardtoKokstad.jpg 20081212DSCF0429R61PortEdwardtoKokstad.jpg 20081212DSCF0430R61PortEdwardtoKokstad.jpg
fog near Bizana

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East Griqualand
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BLO fecit

After breakfast and using Gail's E-mail, I left Umkomaas at 09:00, odometer 21,778 in light rain. Driving on N2, I bypassed scores of Indian Ocean beaches till Port Shepstone where I visited the mall because of stomach problems, then opted to leave N2 - the direct route to Kokstad - and to take R61 to Port Edward. Although I had planned to stay there, the Hotel Edwardian was too expensive and the next accommodations, Sun, across the steel bridge even more so (R 1,500 according to the gatekeepster)
I stopped in very busy Bizana and tanked for R 261, then continued in a heavy fog which made me decide not to continue on R 61 to Port St Johns, but instead solve "my" Eastern Griqualand mystery and turn near Magusheni to connect via Fort Donald to N2 at Brook's Nek and onward to Kokstad at the foot of Mount .... Although the outskirts were very crowded, a quieter part of Hope Street ensued near the church, where the second B and B had space in a large house. The maid's English was very poor but she gave me her cellphone to talk with the owner. This was about 17:00 and I first took a rest, then went further along Hope to a Pakistani restaurant where I enjoyed a good lamb curry, two glasses of lasi and conversation about Obama and Osama. To my regret, no one knew about the Griekwas, so it was not till a month later back in the USA I found this fine website of Scott Balson solving my mystery of the distance between Griekwastad and Kokstad.