border of Free State
and KwaZulu-Natal
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20081209KwaZuluNataltoBergvilleDSCF0293.JPG 20081209KwaZuluNataltoBergvilleDSCF0294.JPG 20081209KwaZuluNataltoBergvilleDSCF0296.JPG 20081209KwaZuluNataltoBergvilleDSCF0298.JPG 20081209KwaZuluNataltoBergvilleDSCF0299.JPG

SA 20081209

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buddy Bob of
Bergville B and B
...and his MOM...

BLO fecit
...and OUPA
Tommy (67)

SA2008-2 Journey

A large sign showed up next and I stopped to take some picture and admire some figurines.
About an hour later, I arrived in Bergville and found the Bergville Bed and Breakfast where I was cordially received and shown around by its builder, Tommy, who was now retired and had transfered the management to his son and daughter in law. I ordered a coffee milkshake and sandwich and conversed with the kids, teaching the five year old daughter to write and spell some new words.
Around 16:00 it started to rain and I took a nappy. When I woke up, some new guests had arrived, an attractive young woman, Minnie, from Bloemfontein driving to Durban with her mother, Talita and two unidentical twin boys of 11, Kevin and Shawn. She told me about her government job and her mother explained that - while her daughter was on the road - she was the strict disciplinarian matriarch in the family. We also discussed Obama and his identity crisis which was typical American, since in South Africa everybody would call him "colo(ur)ed", i.e. neither black nor white...