20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0150.JPG 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0151.JPG 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0153Ladybrand_Maseru_Wepener.jpg 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0154.JPG
20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0155.JPG 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0156.JPG 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0157.JPG 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0158.JPG
20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0159.JPG 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0160R26ClocolanleftLadybrandMauersnek.jpg 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0162.JPG 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0163.JPG
20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0164LADYBRAND.JPG 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0165NewHolland.jpg 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0166.JPG

SA 20081208


20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0170.JPG 20081208BloemfonteintoClarenceDSCF0171.JPG

BLO fecit


SA 2008-2 Journey

Wilson Ladybrand Commando 1902

Monday 8 December 2008: On this last morning in Bloemfontein , Gus and I went swimming once again in the attractive Mangaung outdoor pool. I packed my three bags and he went through the ritual of unlocking two gates and putting my AVIS rental car (which he had been driving the entire week I stayed with Susan and him) outside the complex. He gave me a map and directions to the "Golden Gate" along one of Sout Africa's most scenic routes. At 12:30, we called one of the Bed and Breakfast places we had googled and made a reservation for one night at a cost of 280 Rands or US$28. I left Gus' at 13:00, odometer reading 20901 km, and again had to get accustomed to driving on the wrong side of the road . It was easy navigating and as soon as I passed the outskirts of Bloemfontein, Route N8 became more and more scenic and the weather was fine displaying spectacular cloud scapes. The road bypassed several large black communities and I arrived in archaeologic/geologic/historic Ladybrand at 14:00. Next, I turned northward onto R26, the fabulous Maloti route, lined here with fruit vendors. Incidentally, this one hour drive took some 7 hours www-work... ;o} .