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JOURNAL : November 18 to December 5

Part 7: November 25_6, 2008 - BELLVILLE and more TYGERBERG

much abbreviated and expurgated -
especially where original was illegible
I was up awfully early, handicapped having done away with watches and clocks since I entered into I did my laundry, bathed, checked my finances and only emerged from my room when I smelled Carel's bacon frying.. We had a good breakfast chatting with two lady-guests, then I asked him to get directions for my 10:00 appointment with attorneys in Bellville. It was the old "you cannot miss it" game, in which the main landmarks were a raised Landrover and the end of a row of palmtrees.
Indeed, it did not take me long to get to Route 1 and take the second off ramp to what was either or both Durbanville Road and/or Willie van Schoor and I was not to cross over Bezuidenhout (a good Dutch name reminding me of Den Haag)
But I did not see any raised Landrover and neither could I see any address numbers on the many fancy office buildings. I parked the car and walked and asked, but it took me more than an hour before I got to the right place, by which time I was thoroughly soaked and aggravated. The meeting did little to improve it, since it involved making a call to my wife in PA where it was about 04:00 am. Anyhow, forget about it, I did enjoy two coffee milkshakes for lunch before returning to my "home" at Tygerberg in mid-afternoon for a nice swim and a nappy. More frustrations later that evening included getting nowhere with hotmail on the computer in my landlady's home. I typed an entire document which got lost in cyberspace, then drove back to the Villas and had a beer and religious debate with a bald headed reborn Christian fellow guest. Well before midnight I hit the sack and promised myself to check out and start my "real" travel to-morrow....

The next morning I overdosed on breakfast and then followed Carel's directions to the nearest Cybercafe in a shopping center named "Oostersee" where a charming Amanda allowed me two hours of computer time for R 10. I did get most of my correspondence out but thought it was too late to start my journey, so I deferred it another day. I walked around in the neighborhood, surprised about the many security fences and notices of "Armed Response"...I also lectured Carel on Moh's Hardness Scale. ("Toronto Girls Can Flirt And Other Queer Things Can Do"), and prepared for an early departure tomorrow. Carel also referred me to the balcony of the Villas, from where I enjoyed a wonderful scenic sunset over Table Mountain, taking dozens of picts (which were subsequently lost)

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