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JOURNAL : November 18 to December 5

Part 5: November 22_3, 2008 : Tygerberg and Paarl

much abbreviated and expurgated - especially where original was illegible

This Saturday morning, we had a late breakfast from 08:30 to 09:30, and Carel drew me a map from the Tygerberg Villas turning left onto Hannes Louw past the ...
... prominent White Church to the T junction at McIntyre Road where I have to hang a right and turn left onto the ramp to N-1 north to The Paarl - - you cannot miss it....
wow, it drives easier than it writes.
I opted to replace my lousy sketch copied from Carel's excellent map with a set of Google satellite maps which I googled when I got back home in PA!
One even shows the pool of The Tyger Villas and the small shopping center across the street, while the other gives the street names! (Tygerberg Villas lies at the corner of Hannes Louw Drive and Fairfield Street)

It only took a half an hour to get to The Paarl and our modest house on Main Street - but it is an enjoyable and scenic drive towards the mountains and vineyards.

On both days, I had pleasant conversations and negotiations with Andre of Seeff's, concerning the sale of this property which we had purchased in 1998. On Sunday night, Carel invited me for a dinner party with some of his interesting friends who made me talk a lot.

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