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Ben Oostdam's


November 18 to December 5

Part 2: November 19, 2008
Dakar to Capetown, South Africa

much abbreviated and expurgated -
especially where original was illegible

We departed Dakar at 06:00 just before sunrise, but "they" closed the windows so people could sleep. We were served a nice warm breakfast, choice of pancakes or eggs. I ordered the latter, got the former and was promised a replacement. That was near Sierra Leone, at an altitude of 10,079 M (33,012 ft) but I went to sleep and only found the replacement egg about 15:00. By that time I had groggily watched Andrea's wine video with all kinds of dinners and oysters so often that I hardly needed the hot lunch.

We arrived at Capetown Airport about an hour early and I got picked up by Desre, the girlfriend of my nephew Jaques, and his friend Charles and his wife Bernadine. We dropped off his wife at their house, and Desre collected her 7 yr old Vespa so we could follow her to the Tygerberg Guesthouse where she had booked me at the rate of R 350 p.d. This was a pleasant place with a gorgeous view of Table Mountain. The manager was a young bloke named Carol, who was very helpful. I took a shower and a nappy, then waited...and waited : I had invited "the gang of four" for dinner sometime that evening, which proved to be as late as 21:00...

We had a good steak and jokey conversation (like: who was the father of the sons of Zebediah?)
till the place closed and they dropped me off about 22:30.

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