Ben Oostdam

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June 1, continued :

At 15:08 I reached Beale Point at the mouth of the spectacular Shannon Estuary
(Europe's largest, note press-release of this very day! ), a rather desolate place, with a cemetary, a ruined chapel, a 4 unit wind - farm (note opinion-change in 5 monhs between these two links!), a sand-below, cobble-above beach and wicked longshore currents.
For curiosity's sake, I visited well-named Littor Strand, [not related to litter but to littoral, "pertaining to the coast"], but I found some antique shops and a newly constructed mansion only.
At 16:00 I decided to stay in Glebe House, a former rectory in Ballylongford,
where stately trees were the abode of ominous sounding crows and ravens.

Hostess: Noreen Heaphy

It was a wonderful evening. I walked to the village, saw many empty pubs, bought some snacks and postage stamps, and read the butcher's credo:

"no lamb older than 18 months."

When I came back, Noreen left me in charge and went to play 9 holes of golf. When she returned around 21:00, it was still light and peaceful except for the ominauseating crows. A father and son drove a dozen cows, another father took a proud walk with his infant daughter. Look here to see what I had for dinner while writing postcards.

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