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June 1, contd : There were lots of bends and narrow bridges, so whenever coaches came on we had to creep along to pass each other. I also came up with the riddle: What is always in front of a row of cars in the Kerry Ring? Answer: a tractor.
After crossing the tidal channel of Castlemain and the Slieve Mish Mountains, the road descended to Tralee which I reached before noon when the sun came out to witness an unbelievable traffic jam and very poor marking of Route numbers and directions. I stopped for Euro 30 gas and told the helpfull redhair bloke that helped me fill up and direct me to N69 to Listowel to tell the City Fathers to improve markings.

My next stop briefly after noon was at the "Peat Museum" for a display of : 'A Day in the Bog' (left). There were some nice examples of the tools used (e.g. the slean) and statistics about percent areal coverage by peat of various European countries (I think Sweden was in the lead); Ireland relies on peat for 15% of its total energy use.
After a good soup and salad at the museum restaurant, I made for the sea at Ballybunion (right).
I had a nice chat with an English plumbing hardware salesman from Lancashire, here with wife and 3 children for a week's vacation in a bungalow, which set him back 650 pounds sterling (the English are not using the Euro) in all. He gets a total of 18 days of vacation per year.

By the time I left, around 15:00, the sun came out and the son - who was to go in the Army in September (Iraq?) - had finished digging a channel to the moat of their sandcastle and the tide came in, quite exciting!

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