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I walked around Kells Bay and took some fine photos of lobsterpots, old boats, nets, ropes , knots and a rustic yard, but to my chagrin they did not "materialize" sharing the fate of some of the best photographs I attempted. There were few people around, but there was a trailerpark with sites going for 500 Euro per year, so in summer it would be full. Now a friendly dog brought me a stick to throw so he could catch it in the air.

I read some interesting articles in "Marine Times"
(Newspaper to the Irish Fishing & Aquaculture Industries")

including these statistics
for Irish seafood, 1993
(millions of Euros)

  • exports . . . . . . . . 384
  • domestic sales . . .281
  • total investments . . 84
    while the TV focused on a busty Britney Spears performing in Hamburg, a mere 10 km from Reeperbahn . .

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    I departed Kells Bay at 0930 on June 1, and bought another "throwaway" Solaris camera for Euro 9.99 which I used to take this photograph (right) of Kells Bay from the nearby lookout. I past by scenic Glenbeigh, skirted Lough Caragh, and saw the mountains of Dingle Peninsula (right, at top) which some say is more spectacular though less visited than the famous "Kerry Ring" . . . BLO fecit ult.July 2004
    while John Kerry accepted nomination
    (threw his hat in the ring ;o] )

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