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In the notes of my journal of May 31, I reminded myself to search the WWW for facts on the naval history of Bantry Bay.
I got up awfully early, had that much less toothache that I could enjoy a fine breakfast including black pudding, chatted with two French and one German family, went back to bed to read a Dutch book by Jan de Hartogh (which some guest left behind): " Een linkerbeen gezocht" ("Searching for a left leg") and finally departed Glengarriff at 11:30 (a peu pres prêt) planning to either go to Killarney for the day (as would Valerie, Vincent and Charlotte A.) or "do" the Kerry Ring (in honor of the candidate?), depending on visibility.

It looked bad for Kerry when I got caught in rain, fog and roadworks on the Caha Pass across the Caha Mountains, elevation 659 (presume m). Matters improved after I passed a stone cottage with a statue of an old Irish woman, and a donkeycart, and continued downhill to Kenmare (the tidiest town in Ireland) , where I started the Kerry Ring drive at 13:00.

The first part was most attractive, sometimes almost Tahitian, including palm trees, rainforests and rivers; I enjoyed the spectacular ria coast but took few photos, auspicating that there would be many on the WWW.
scenic Sneem
[15,200 Google links to-day]
Blackwater Bridge, balmy B & B's, Xanadu, Great Southern Hotel, stone bridge,
purple rhododendra,
red fuchsia
"poor verges",
"beware oncoming coaches",
"Vote Healy Rae ..."

(no, this was not Irish for "Hillary "...)

Reported "cold feet" at Staigue, enjoyed Castlecove, suffered dense fog at Coomakesta Pass , and stopped for a Euro 20 lunch/dinner of shrimp, fish-soup , coffee + desert in Waterville, which looked pre-seasonally shabby and closed, especially in the rain. Further along, I saw some peat and wondered if the next town, Cahersiveen, had the same ending "veen (=peat)" as in Dutch Amstelveen? I also decided to defer visiting Valentia next time, and ended the afternoon in Kells Bay, staying in the "Sea View" B&B.

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