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After visiting the lighthouse and exhibits, I 'skirted' the problem of climbing the 99 steps by following the zigzag-trail, then treated myself to some good soup at the visitor center, seated at a table appropriately covered with a nautical chart. (# 2129, depth in metres!). I also bougth the Michelin Map of Ireland, a good buy for 7 euro, then departed Mizen Head at 13:22 for Bantry Bay: more Navy associations.

Barley Cove Beach
I made a detour to visit Crookhaven, and passed the beach of Barleycove- its dunes cast up by a tsunami following the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake. Crookhaven

Back in Goleen, I took Sheepshead Drive and passed the castletower at Dunmanus (left) .

I developed a bad toothache, but could not buy painkiller till pretty (tasty)Durrus, where I also bought a late lunch of salmon (below).

I am ashamed to admit that I bypassed cosy but overly crowded Bantry and found a pleasant B & B at Carraigh Dubh House in Glengarriff managed by Mrs K. Connolly, mother of 4 (2 boys in the USA). I slept a few hours, then conversed with a French geologist and his wife and daughter - who took a fancy to me and climbed on my lap.

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