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I left Skibbereen around 10:30 on May 30 and made my first stop a few miles later at a scenic outlook over Roaring Water Bay (right) where I met a couple from Philadelphia also driving an AVIS rental car.
We read an interesting signboard about Aquaculture. Several high quality rope grown mussel farming operations work this Bay harvesting Mytilus edulis. Also the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) is grown here;
[see cupped oysters in: "Alive Alive O", by Wilkins]

while seaweed has been harvested in Ireland
since the 12th century, mariculture is now an
integral part of the ambitious NDP

(EURO 52 billion - 2000/2006 !!)
Next, I quickly passed through several such scenic and cosy touristy towns as Schull, Toormore and Goleen and reached to-day's "target" of Mizzen Head just short of noon.

Schull photographs
by Dave Parker

Dave Parker Index
(NOTE: Dave took some of
the best photos I have seen !)

between Toormore and Goleen
BLO fecit 20040712

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