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At 16:30 on May 29, just past Skibbereen, I found a B & B at
"Riverview Farm" (below left) , looking out over the river and
the cemetery containing a mass-grave of the 1840's Famine.

View from my window across "Riverview Farm" and my Opel.
please click to enlarge and see the stone bridge across the River Ilen.

My hostess Kay (right) put one son and three daughters through university and also feeds the cattle
That evening, I walked around town and had a mussel dinner at the An Goban Soar Pub, served by Jackie (right). I also met a German waitress and Italian chef, and paid a brief visit to the Heritage Centre.
Skibbereen - Top Ten Facts about Skibbereen
Photos of Skibbereen: set 1 - set 2, by Dave Parker
The 1846/7 Famine - Views of the Famine, by Steve Taylor
"Oh son, I loved my native land, with energy and pride"
"Til a Blight came over all my crops, my sheep and cattle died"
"My rent and taxes were to pay, I could not them redeem"
"and that's the cruel reason, why I left old Skibbereen."

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Skibbereen Funeral, 1847