Ben Oostdam

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I drove back through Limerick and across the bridge at Killaloe (above) to search for the home of a Dutch couple I had met in Yogyakarta in 2000.

I found them and had a pleasant lunch and talk looking out over spectacular Lough Derg (left).
He told me that since Ireland had joined, the E.U. had funded grants to the tune of one pound sterling p.p.p.d.!
When I left around 4 pm,
I had planned to go NW,
but got rather lost
so changed to SW:

BLO fecit 20040704
Once more through Limerick
But now I knew the trick
And reached the edge of town
Without much slowing down
And in the time of nick

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I noted "Traffic Calming"
zones enforced by "Garda",
but hardly any B & B's.
So it wasn't till 7 pm
when I reached Mallow
(a Donkey Conservatory) that
I checked into "Tower Lodge"