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Friday, May 28:

This morning, I must have gotten up very early, since I first wrote my journal and took this auto-photo(left), then went for a short walk and took a shot of this cottage (right):

please click to enlarge
and still arrived at the swimming pool just before 8 am ! So much for wearing no watch . . . I had a nice swim and sauna'd with a pretty woman who had to be at work in Limerick by 9 a.m.

I had breakfast with a group of French tourists, joining with an elderly couple from Nantes and talking about the Edict of Nantes which jumped out of my memory.

Then I walked to town
across this incredibly
dramatic-romantic bridge

across this plain-polluted creek,

got a scare when the "cash machine" in the shop rejected my visa card, and walked back to check out and drive to a real Bank where the ATM functioned properly to my great relief.

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