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Preparations included booking on the Internet of my

  • U.S. Airways return flight Philadelphia-Shannon ($ 579.30)
  • 2-weeks rental of Opel Meriva from AVIS ($ 316.57 without insurance) and
  • B & B for the first night ($ 65.00),
    as well as reducing luggage to 2 carry-on bags (Wilson backpack, Timberland sidebag).

    Harry Ashley picked me up at 15:45, May 26, to take me to Philadelphia International;
    on the way, we collected Barbara from her school on Long Lane, opposite
    Cherry Hill Orchard ["Look like Funks but is not Funks but Cherry Hill", Parker (2003)]
    Security and flight delays took some 3 hours, the flight itself less than 6, so I reported at the Avis Counter in Shannon at 09:30 on May 27 . Some problems getting out of their parking lot, but soon I was on the way to Newcastle West. A few miles from Shannon I was surprised to see a stiff-legged fox run across the road. Other typical "British" (although Ireland is more European Union) features were the numerous "roundabouts", or traffic circles, making one appreciative of Buckminster Fuller's invention of cloverleave-intersections!
    It took more than an hour to get through the congestion of Limerick which otherwise looked very interesting and historic. The next attraction was Adare with a castle and a tourist-packed main street lined with thatched roof cottages.
    I reached my first destination, Killeline Lodge, just before noon.
    The receptioniste, Audrey Katherine, had to fax to get my E-mail reservation, so it took some time before I could "hit the sack' till about 17:00. I then took a ride followed by a fine smoked salmon salad in "Big Al MaGuires," supplemented by raiding the staples below in my bedroom:

    BLO fecit 20040624 add 20041030

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