Background concerning Sabbatical Travel
B.L. Oostdam, Spring 1988

In summer 1983, I made a tour through China (see diary, foto-album and website). during which I managed to make a short visit to East China Normal University. Dr. Jerry Schubel, then Provost of SUNY at Stony Brook) had given me the names and addresses of the Director of the Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies of ECNU, Shanghai. I briefly met Dr. Shen Huan-ting, Associate Director, whom I met again in fall 1983 at the Seventh International Estuarine Research Federation Meeting in Virginia Beach, where a separate section was dedicated to Chinese estuaries. Jerry Williams also put me on the China Committee of ERF at that time.
Dr. Shen and his friend were temporarily attached to SUNY, Stony Brook, and I invited them up for a long weekend in Spring, 1984, when we made a fieldtrip to the Delaware Estuary , met Millersville University's chief administrators, had two good dinners at Dr. Ting's and Mercia's. I ardently studied Chinese, visited friends in Hershey, etc. and also applied for a sabbatical in 1987, and later also for a Fulbright Fellowship. I received neither of the two, and lost some interest in China in 1986, when the U.S. Virgin Island Project started, q.v.
I applied for an entire sabbatical year, Sep.87 - May 88, to go to the Virgin Islands, where at the time the possibilities at the CVI looked ok. I was granted the sabbatical, but in the mean time the Toxic project had been finished (1987) and things had gone a bit sour; also, my friend Bill McLean, who had become Provost, had become very ill, etc. I did try to arrange a tour of Indonesia - see correspondence of April, 1987, but got no response from the people to whom I had been referred by Wignjoprajitno - an ex-adelborst (Naval cadet) - friend from 1950-2 and now retired from the Indonesian Navy and from being a Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
I spent the entire summer of 1987 in Holland, incl. Texel, and met people from NIOZ and Amsterdam University about the Snellius II Expedition, a joint effort between Indonesia and Holland (see separate folder). At the end of the summer, I lost my voice, and only 'regained' it sometime in fall. Also, that fall, Mercia started her Fabric Mart, and I helped set it up. In fact, I just about became a housewife, because Mercia, Ben Jr and Erika were all busy and working . . .
Suddenly, in December 87, I received a formal invitation to come and lecture in Shanghai. I requested that the suggested date of January be changed to April, so that I could go to Indonesia first - see correspondence. After hectic preparations, I left in February, traveling cheaply thanks to my former UDEL Promotor, Dr. Robert Jordan, and his wife Jane, who ran a travel agency. First, I stopped for a day and night in Seoul, next for a few days in Thailand, where I visited first Chulalongkorn University, where I met a lovely marine science professor with Ph.D. from URI, then the Sichang Marine Lab, and finally my ex-fiancee Lony and her husband, van der Glas. ("van de sluizen van Ijmuiden tot de Pier van Srirachai")
Next, Indonesia, where I made a 10 city tour between stays at Wignjoprajitno's in Jakarta - see diary, album and website. Then Hongkong and China: Shanghai, Hangzhou (Ren Yueer) , "Amoy" and Hongkong, followed by stops in Narita, Japan and Hawaii.
As "follow up", via Cgrm Walker, I secured the USIA "AMPART" tour of 1989 - see separate book and webpage. Unfortunately, I had to give up the scheduled visit to Kweiling because of the June Tian An Men incident, around which time Ren defected for Seattle, and subsequently tried to contact me but was deflected by MMO.

text dates from end of 1989; BLO fecit 20031219/20