HANGZHOU to WUXI by train

p.12, June 18, 2003
Look at that load!
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(left):Goodbye to
local guide Mrs.Yang
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continuous tea
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Tai Hu = Great Lake

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We departed Hangzhou at 09:30 by train, reached Shanghai at 13:00 and arrived at Wuxi at 15:10. It was a comfortable trip with many exciting sights through scenery resembling Holland: rivers, canals, ditches, bridges, lakes, cities, boats, barges, dredges, sand, gravel, mud, ducks, geese, small houses, stacks of roof shingles, cultivation right up to the railroad and in places as many as 4 rows of freshly planted trees lining the RR.
In Wuxi, the local guide, Mr.Huang, first took us to a jade-factory, then to famous Lake Tai, third largest lake in China, where a pleasure barge took us to one of the islands, and we were shown sanitaria and lectured on moxibustion, as well as on multilevel poly-species carp-culture. Only then did we check into high Hu Pin Hotel with view of a factory on one side and the beautiful Lee Yuan Garden on the other. We had an excellent dinner and skipped the disco afterwards.