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June 17

I woke up at 05:15 because I heard voices "hollering" from the mountain.
After gym, shower and shave I descended to the smoky West Lake, along the shores of which
several groups were alreasy busy practicing "Tai-chi" .
Very soon one and then upto 8 boys came over to practice English. They were very keen, took evening classes and had excellent pronounciations. I explained plate tectonics to them, and they showed (even) more understanding than most of my MU undergraduates . .
At 07:00 I excused myself to write my journal, then went for breakfast with the much cheerier Browns, - (they had decided to go on!) -
after which we changed money and admired the hotel's silk store.

Next, we were stowed in a small bus to take us to the lake, where the driver managed to back up into a limousine carrying the Papua Guinea delegation, notwithstanding my loud command "STOP !" [My mistake, I should have shouted it in Chinese. ]
With several other groups, we were taken around and across the lake by slow boats, past a causeway and several islands.
The water was quiet and clear, did not smell, so that I wondered if the decision some 800 years ago to dredge the lake and make the islands was not an example worthy to be followed? The average depth now is about two meter.

During the Qin Dynasty (261-207 BC) , Hangzhou was the national capital, and later Marco Polo lauded it
as one of the most beautiful and richest cities in the world. The Chinese themselves have a proverb:

Heaven is Above, but Below we have Suzhou and Hangzhou!

We landed on the causeway, where we walked around and admired the fish and the waterlilies.
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Like most people, I took numerous photographs. Good to see a black box there in which you could stick your hands and change film!
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