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Thursday, June 16, 1983 :
Woke up at 04:30 after strange dreams, wrote journal, did gym, packed, took bath, delivered two packages to the concierge to be airfreighted, and settled bar accounts.
Had breakfast at 06:00 with 80 yr old Abe Brown and his 72 year old wife Kathleen, retired from real estate in Chicago, after which they traveled a lot; they have children who are in their fifties. They reported that our companion Elizabeth ("the Mother") had fallen yesterday, but was ok. She is over 70, a retired math teacher, while her creamy bosomed companion daughter Jo Anne is herself the mother of a 26 yr old daughter (at home) and both of them are teachers. Fred is the author of a book: "The other side of a coin", and his wife uses the name Axelrod; they are both remarried and have grown up children from their first marriages.

The ideograph at the right
consisting of three sets
of alternating short and long uprights
means "zhou" or city.
We can verify that later today when we get to Hangzhou ! . .

5 Goats and Five Gods:
origin of Guangzhou (Canton)
by Mary Ashcraft

Other places we visited were Sun Yat Sen's statue and 1931 Memorial Hall in the Yuexiu Park.

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We drove to HK airport around 07:00 and flew to Guangzhou in a comfortable plane, sitting next to Jo Anne, who has fear of flying.
For most of us, this was our first Mainland visit. I noted the absence of billboards, the unisex uniforms, well-organized and polite inspections, and the old washroom at the airport. Our China tourguide and the proud local tourguide made Lee's presence as a tourleader almost unnecessary: we were put in a few taxis for a tour to the city through fields with palmtrees and buffaloes. The town itself was quiet with noticeably few cars and many bicycles. People smiled and waved at us, and carried all kinds of things including live chickens and a basketload of geese. There were many trees, and I noted that scaffolding here was iron or steel in contrast to the bamboo and nylon rope used in Hongkong - which presumably OSHA would disapprove.
After the tour we gathered around a round table for a lunch of liver, mushrooms, meat, spring roles, soup and beer. I told Dr. Ed Lum that the place reminded me of old Europe, while he reserved his opinion .
At 15:00, we departed for Hangzhou on a high flight enjoying views of several large rivers as well as lovely airhostesses passing out sticky candies and small combs and mirrors.