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Tuesday, June 14, 1983 :
Got up around 05:00, washed stockings and underwear, shaved and updated diary from audio tape recorder. Then went for a brisk walk along Nathan Road, where I saw many streetcleaning women with brooms , cans attached to sticks and small pushcarts, and also scores of schoolkids in uniforms and with backpacks.
At 08:00 I joined Lee and the Lums in a good breakfast buffet, followed by an one-hour briefing, in which we were urged not to drink any tap-water in Mainland China; we can also take up as much as $ 1,500 per day from our credit cards...probably this inspired me to start buying stuff later in the morning, when I bought some HK$1,800 clothes, and several hundreds souvenirs including paintbrushes. (the rate of exchage was about US$1=HKS 7)
In the afternoon, we took a bus tour, first by tunnel to Hongkong Island where we took the cable car to enjoy the view. Next, we visited Deep Water -, Repulse - and Stanley Bays. That evening the Lippschutzes and I dined in Aberdeen on Tai Pak floating restaurant, after which I visited an expensive nightclub till 02:00, so that on . . .

Map showing Pearl River with Canton = Guangzhou (top left),
Macau (bottom left)and Kowloon + Hongkong Island (bottom right)
Map of Hongkong and Kowloon etc. . . . Wednesday, June 15, 1983 , I only woke up reluctantly at 07:30 for an 08:00 breakfast with the lovely Lums. The scheduled Dragon Boat Race did not materialize, so we went shopping again in the People's Store, where I bought a HK$600 sandalwood chest to ship my various other purchases including a HK$1,200 scroll. We then had a good dim-sum lunch, after which Lee took me to some X-rated places where he got a bit drunk but nothing exciting happened except polite joking conversation which we could report to the Lums for dinner later that evening. At 22:00 we went up to pack for our early departure to Mainland Guangzhou (formerly Canton) the next morning.
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