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Monday, June 13, 1983 :
Kai Tak Airport was well-organized and effective, and the customs and immigration were easy and fast.
It took quite a while to get all the suitcases together, especially those from the Lum family, of course.

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In a separate, A.C. bus we left under a continuous verbal barrage from the Hongkong touragent. I was sitting next to one of the Lum girls who now saw her heritage for the first time and seemed disappointed with the millions of people crowding the streets and the transparent large buildings without curtains, screens or privacy. Everything looked packed and crowded and very "ongezellig" (not "cosy").
Soon we arrived at the majestic Shangri-La Hotel, a unbelievable and painful contrast, where I rapidly ascended to the 15th floor to take a shower, bath and bidet, shave and sleep in a luxurious bed.

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But first I looked through the phonebook for my 1955 HK host, Frank Goldberg - no such luck - and through several brochures, where I found this jewel:
"A seemier side of Hongkong does exist, but it should be noted that hotels frown on guests patronizing establishments at the lower end of the social scale"
So I complied and went to sleep before midnight.