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Sunday, June 12, 1983:

Got up at 06:00, walked through the drizzle to the Monorail, which only would open at 10:00, so continued some 7 blocks to the Fair Grounds and 605 ft Space Needle.
Had to wait a half an hour before I could enter the elevator to ascend through the clouds to the restaurant with a beautiful fellow passenger .
There I ate far too much breakfast and drank lots of coffees while slowly rotating around till about 09:30.
Saw water, islands and clouds everywhere, wave ripple patterns, bus - and train terminals, a large container harbor, high red cranes, large sheds with flat roofs and even helicopter pads.
In the inner harbor, ferries and waterplanes, on the shore dozens of skyscrapers, at least one of which had gold-colored, reflecting glass windows.
Took the fast elevator up to the observation deck at the rate of 800 ft/min, adversely affecting my loaded stomach. (Follows a detailed 360 degree transcription from tape - omitted here)

I returned to the hotel, checked out and took an articulated bus to the airport, where I picked up and repacked luggage, then went through check-in, security- and metro routines.
I also met my first fellow tour-participants, Fred and Louise Lippschutz (left) from New York, both psychotherapists, who had some problems with their tickets which they were to pay on the spot to the tour-leader, Lee Chung (right).
He was to be my room-mate, since I had forcefully refused to pay a single supplement saying that they could assign me who(m)soever as roommate . . .

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