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June 11, 1983 (cont.) :
We transfered to the next plane which was practically parked right next to us. We had a fine porkchop lunch with a bottle of wine, flew over the badlands and the spectacular Rockies, and saw some irrigated bright green circular fields among the prevailing brown.
Rather sudden, we descended from 39000 feet toward sprawling Seattle and the nearby sailor's paradise of Puget Sound.

I enjoyed not only the highways, overpasses, tunnels and a continuous raised highway along the quays, but especially the fine airport with escalators, huge elevators and a type of metro taking you to the luggage arrivals.
Fortunately, I could leave most of my luggage there, so I exited the airport with my sidebag only, took a cheap (75 cents) bus into town for 45 minutes seated next to a chap who told me all about Boeing and pointed out the sights.
Walked around a bit and saw the monorail, checked into old-fashioned Claremont Hotel for $ 25, took a bath and slept till around 18:00 (21:00 PA time).

I then gravitated down to the quays and piers, which were quite lively, with fishmarket, Arabic, Turkish and Indian Restaurants and a youthful crowd.
I dined on a dozen plump oysters, French fries and rootbeer, then walked on past numerous (Red) Indians and several hippy mothers with small kids and buttocks escaping. I saw some good expositions, including one about Teddy Roosevelt's "White Fleet".

I passed an un-real blonde Scandinavian Goddess and a contrasting group of Brasilian nuns. Next, I went back to the hotel, watched "Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island", surveyed the Seattle sea of lights from my ninth floor room, and went to sleep at 23:00 Pacific Time.

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