June 11, 1983:
Started just after midnight when daughter Erika came home from her MacDonalds' job. We said goodbye till September since she was to go to Trinidad before I came back from my China Tour with Pacific Delight Tours Inc.
Slept tortured by strange dreams till alarm clock saved me at 03:30.
Mercia prepared a bacon and egg breakfast before we took off for Phila Airport, with son Ben sleeping in the back of the car - probably dreaming of next week when he and girlfriend Stacey would be off to Wildwood for Senior Week.

Arrived at Phila Airport promptly at 06:00, checked in with North West behind large Taiwanese family and troop of Marines. Secured a seat where I could stretch my right "phlebitis" leg, and took out 90 days travel insurance for self, Mercia and Erika.

Flew over NJ wetlands, and the clearly defined PA mountain ranges near Harrisburg:

and later one of the Great Lakes clearly showing longshore currents.
After my second breakfast we landed at 09:00 on well-landscaped Pittsburgh Airport. Here I read that the Mandarin Hotel in Hongkong - where we are booked - ranks among the four most world famous.

In Detroit I sat next to a 12 year old who made his first flight and was seen off by the whole family, the father a welder with a beltclasp made of coins.
I also admired the golden ankle chain around the air-hostess's left leg which she swung monkey-like across the partition everytime she had to reach up to get a drink from the overhead locker.

The next stop, Minneapolis, looked fabulous from the air with skyscrapers, a large bent in the river and numerous lakes, including oxbow-types.

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