June 19, p.m.: Charlie first took us to the slightly claustrophobic "Garden of the Master of the Nets", which was partly under reconstruction with bamboo scaffolding. We admired the Victorian-looking - but earlier - furniture, the sandalwood Sedan chair, and the ponds and pavilions, but it lacked the subtlety of Japanese gardens.

Garden of the Master of the Nets

Next, we were free to walk through the town, where I took these photos as well as this and that to illustrate the jolliness and the large number of bikes.

2003 search for Suzhou:
Google: 7590 images - 191,000 results
Altavista: 10,478 images, 92,493 results
Suzhou Travel Guide
Classical Chinese Garden Society
Suzhou Gardens
Garden of the Master of the Net

Charlie told us that he had been caught as a student and sent to work the fields in Manchuria for 4 years, after which he worked as a technician in the Red Army on Russian airplanes. He bought us all an icecream cone.
During dinner we met two American girls teaching in Hongkong: Liz Hynd and Shari Krugler; Lee and I invited them to the coffee terrace on the roof.
Later that night we experienced a violent thunderstorm.
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