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Friday, June 17

Later that morning it rained during our visit to "the flying mountain" = (Fei Lai Feng) - a 209 m high exceptional limestone/karst mountain amongst common sandstone hills -which was weighted down by more than 500 Buddha images carved from the top to prevent future take-offs.
Maitreya or Buddha of Joy

General Yue Fei (1103-1142)
After lunch, Lee, Fred, Louise and I walked to the tomb of the General Yue Fei, unjustly executed - which reminded me of Johan van Oldenbarneveldt and the de Witt brothers of Dutch history - Formerly, you were encouraged to throw stones at his accusers, but now it is PC to polish his supporters, incl. his wife's statue.
Later that afternoon, Ed Lum, the lady-teachers and I were bussed to the silk factory, driving past thousands of cyclists and dozens of push and pull carts, and along the 2,000 year old, 1,000 km long hand-dug Grand Canal.
The lady silkworkers make between 67 and 141 Yuan per month ($33-70 p.m.) + social emoluments. We were fascinated to see the peanut-size coccoons cooked and "unspun" before being tied and reeled as threads onto spools. We learned about warp and woof, shuttlecocks, patternbooks similar to Dutch 'draaiorgel - books), dying, printing, etc. and we refrained from asking about computers....
We next went to the "outlet" where the women went berserk, and on to the People's Store for more. The day was ended with a 14 course "Beggar's Chicken" dinner (US$7 surcharge) followed by a spectacular "Song And Dance" presentation !

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