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Ben Oostdam

April 30 a
It was a very short flight from Trivandrum along the south coast of India to Bandaranaike Airport on Sri Lanka. Mainly yellow beaches with palmtrees, occasionally rocks and pocket beaches.
Of course, as a coastal geologist, I was sorry to miss exploring the beaches, but the wide view from the air was marvelous.
NOTE at time of writing this:

Little did I realize that it would take more than
30 years till I would scan my then newly bought journal
and could use Google to get satellite photographs
of the entire coast,like the two shown below:

Sri Lanka was hot, but customs and immigration procedures were fast and efficient. Car rentals would only reopen Tuesday, taxi would cost R 90, so I changed 50 Pounds for about 1,400 Rupees and joined a group of backpackers boarding the Air Ceylon bus to Colombo for a mere R 15.
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