February 27, 1978

I only woke up at 07:00 and immediately started sweating again, even while a fine cool breeze was blowing. I decided to stay another day here and to try and take it easy. Because the beach was almost deserted, I did two profiles, some 1,000 ft apart:

  • EMP-80227-01 in front of Gilani Hotel:
    090ft x 4 ft = 08.5 g tar, i.e. 0.254 g.m-2 or 06.97 g.m-1

  • EMP-90227-02 in front of Lawford Hotel:
    280ft x 4 ft = 46.6 g tar, i.e. 0.447 g.m-2 or 38.20 g.m-1

  • Because of recent rains, the river was in flood and very turbid. There was much debris, mainly plants, nuts and excrement, which was deposited in several very distinct swash lines.

    The same insistent little kid
    of last night kept bothering me
    again trying to sell a wrist watch
    for ks 200. No, thanks!

    I also talked with a gracious
    German grandmother from Nurnberg
    who had paid DM 1,400 "all in" for
    this two weeks trip from Frankfurt
    to Malindi, and disputed with a
    German gent whether I was
    searching for black gold.

    Back in the hotel, I had a simple breakfast of eggs and coffee, then took a showere and went back to bed to read. So once in a while, I stepped out on the balcony and saw a three wheel sailing cart rushing by, later a beach camel with passenger, and finally a beach seining operation which only yielded a few shrimps. I cleaned up my bags, smoked a pipe and wrote up my journal.

    Photo credit: Call Me Rhia

    At 13:00, I took a walk in town, and installed myself in a shady garden restaurant, where I ordered fish and chips, beer and ice coffee. Sitting at tables next to me on one side a black lady, on the other a Dutch couple, but I did not feel like striking up a conversation. So I walked back to the beach and rented (chartered?) a beach yacht "CANCER" at the rate of ks 30 per half hour. A German marked "Fly Air Kenya" helped me and soon I made my own runs and found it easy to change tacks. I even invited a German waitress, Sabine, who was here for the third time, but this was her maiden cruise. We walked to the beer garden filled with German beef and bacon backs, and we made a date for a drink at 17:00.

    Photo credit: Call Me Rhia

    Malindi Women fighting
    mosquitoes by filling
    ditches with rocks

    I trotted back to the hotel to get my swimming gear and to drive to the Marine Park - passing several very flowerful European pensioners' houses, together with a hitchhiking airport employee. At the Park, I noticed I had forgotten my snorkel, and found the rental boat too expensive, so back again to my friend the repairman. While he was fixing the flat (ks 20 this time), I had a warm 'cool drink' in a nearby bar, pondering if I would stay another day or not. I still felt weak and wondered whether that was caused by the climate, weather, sun, lack of salt or fact that I had not taken any medicine for 3 days.
    Back at the hotel, I took another shower and rest, then drove to the Lawford at 17:30, where I looked in vain for Sabine. I waited a while reading a Swiss journal full of stories about airplane accidents. There was no pressure by waiters, since there were only two or three people, but by 19:00 I had had enough and walked to a nearby store to stock up on milk, avocado, spray, prickly heat powder and local magazines and papers. I took these to my room to enjoy on the balcony in the breeze. I went to bed early planning to go snorkeling the next day, and read the odometer: 17,333 km!
    Fishery Statistics and Gear of Kenya, FAO
    Kenya Marine Turtle Conservation
    Pressure on Kenyan Mangrove Swamps
    Fisheries and Aquaculture in Kenya
    Mangrove Restoration
    Kenya Coastal Resources and their Use

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