February 16, 1978

I woke up at 07:30, feeling rather miserable. Had a quick breakfast, then walked to the Zambian Embassy where I paid 15 shillings (ks) for their visa, but would only get my passport back to-morrow.
Next, I tried to get some dyazide at an apothecary, but he refused to issue it without prescription. Yes, he did have all kinds of dyazide. So I went upstairs and waited half an hour in a full waiting room, admiring legs till the friendly old doctor Gellert gave me the prescription without any questions - in fact, I almost had to persuade him to let me pay him a fee of 20 ks. Next, I had to go back to my hotel to find out the exact names of the pills and once back to the apothecary he promised to have them ready this afternoon. I also took the opportunity to buy some real shaving cream and had a pleasant shave, before catching the 11:30 UNEP bus in front of one of the two "active" hotels, 680 or Brunner. The bus took me through some scenic suburbs to Gigiri and its fancy UN buildings.
A beautiful Pakistani secretary introduced me to Mr. Demmers, presently the only Dutch UN representative in Kenya. The total staff consisted of some 200 professionals and 150 supporting staff.
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Unfortunately, the entire UNEP Regional Seas Programme staff, directed by Stephan Keckes whom I had met earlier, had been transfered to Geneva, except for two discontent ladies, Sachiko Kungbana,a Japanese lawyer, and Mona Bjerklund, a Swedish conservationist.
Demmers had worked in California for 12 years and at USIS in Wassenaar for 3 years. The total UNEP budget for 1972/7 had been $ 100 million, while they anticipated a budget of $ 150 million for 1977/82. We had a fine lunch on a terrace while chatting and I paid my own lunch, 10 shillings ("going Dutch").
I took the 14:00 bus back, loaded with documents and brochures. At Hertz, I found out that the Suzuki safari was overbooked. So I booked a Datsun against a 4K s deposit on my American Express card, for delivery 09:00 tomorrow morning. At the apothecary, the man made more problems and I had to go to another two apothecaries to get all the pills I needed. Next, I walked back to my hotel through a 100% black part of town, where a tall girl with elegant curly hair walked along asking all kind of curious questions. In the hotel, I fell asleep fast and was startled getting a call from Hertz to confirm the car for tomorrow. This somehow relieved my headache and toothache, so I decided to take a walk. While I was looking at a moray eel in a large aquarium, I was picked up by another exotic girl with who I had two beers in the Ambassador Hotel Bar. This place was frequented by a very diverse crowd, including one gent who only talked in gestures. I went around the corner to a cosy place and had fish and chips, of which I gave half to 4 cute little boys hanging around with the numerous ladies strolling in and out, apparently in connection with an upstairs nightclub complete with with rooms for patrons. It was a jolly atmosphere reminiscent of Patpong in Bangkok. In general, the ladies were large and voluptuous with large bulges but narrow hips. The men spoke a strange dialects, were jolly, and a few were drunk. I talked with two sisters, one of which spoke good English while the other had the figure. They offered to come to my room for 20 s each. A white girl was telling how she had been stopped by a black police man who had asked her: "Lady, what colour am I?" She had not dared to answer, so he explained: "If my hand is up, I am green, and if my hand is down, I am red." Now she understood. I went to bed rather late that night, anticipating getting a car tomorrow,
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