April 26, 1978, Tu: (continued)
  • Economic and Social Issues of Biodiversity Loss in Cochin Backwaters by K.T. Thompson
    (from which I compiled the two graphs below on dredging of Port Cochin)

  • Kerala
  • Kochi (Cochin)
  • "Prawn and Prawn Fisheries of India" by C.V. Kurian, V.O. Sebastian, K. Gopakumar
  • "A Collection of Cumacea from the South West and South East Coast of India" by C.V. Kurian & A. Radha Devi
  • "Contributions to estuarine biology." Kurian, C. V., ed. (Papers presented at the Third All India Symposium on Estuarine Biology, Cochin, 1975) Department of Marine Sciences, University of Cochin [India], 1975 . 1004 pages.
  • Kurian, CV, 1948, "Observations on a copepod Caligus pterois sp. nov. ... Lastochkin, DA, 1949, Bibliography and biography. Trudy vses. gidrobiol. Obshch. ...
  • "An Introduction to Coelenterata" by V.O. Sebastian C.V. Kurian - Hindustan Publishing Corporation (India) / May 2002

  • AWARD: Dr Pratima Mohan Kessarkar (b.09.08.1972), PhD, Principal Investigator, Geological Oceanography Division, National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa. Using a variety of rock magnetic geochemical and isotopic data from sediment cores of the Bay of Bengal. Dr Kessarkar has carried out extensive studies to understand changes in sediment supply and distribution during the late Quaternary. Her work has established changes in sources of sediments and a lack of turbidite activity over the last 12k years which has implications for organic carbon buried and CO2 requestiation from the atmosphere.
  • AWARD: Dr Joseph Selvin (b.03.02.1972), PhD, Lecturer in Marine Microbiology, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli 620024, Tamilnadu. For identifying novel bioactive compounds in marine organisms to contain shrimp diseases in the management of aquaculture. The findings can have very significant implications for sustaining high density culture of shrimp
  • c.v. of T.G. Prasad, MS Oceanography 1991 Cochin + Prof.C.V. Kurian Endowment Prize for First Rate M Sc
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