April 25, 1978, Tu: Up early to enjoy the coolness. Recorded yesterday's events in journa; which is filling up fast - maybe ration to one page per day? Made notes for my morning lecture, checked remaining funds: R 450, $ 370, Pounds 440, Nf 100 and 20 Rands. Then showered and shaved and had a good breakfast. I bought two more films and then walked along the entire quays, including oil dock; saw numerous training institutes, including Nautical and Engineering. Apparently Perumal worked here. I introduced myself quickly to Dean Kurien, who invited me for drinks around 6 pm, and I visited Dr. Thomas.
Next, I went to Lakhsmanan and gave him my "School Boy" book. We picked up Dr. Jacob and walked under an umbrella to a large schoolbuilding where I was to give my lecture or seminar to some 20 students and staff. Unfortunately, there was no fan, so I sweated profusely while talking about various projects and cruises in which I had been participating in Holland, California, Japan, South Africa and Kuwait, emphasizing The Marine Science Consortium, seafloor spreading and marine pollution.. There were many questions and good interaction, followed by a joint lunch of beer, nuits and "potluck" somewhere near Dr. Jacob's house. It was very pleasant but too hot. I had a look at the bookshelves and noticed many interesting"holdings", including several about Dutch art!

Instead of the ferry cruise we were supposed to take, we arranged to meet the next morning for a mariculture visit, soI took off around 14:00 and visited several travel agencies, changed a US$50 TC at the rate of R 8.5=US$1.00, and deplored the lack of info on local ferry schedules. An alternative was taking a bus to Trekkady, a wildlife park. I walked back to the Grand Hotel, where I heard that Cleetus and Mary had been waiting three hours this morning. He agreed to go along to mariculture the next day, so he departed and I spent the rest of the afternoon under the shower, and on a lazy chair smoking a pipe and drinking plenty ice coffee to rehydrate my desiccated body. From 18:00 till 19:30, I met with Dean C.V. Kurien for beer and gin. He was a most fascinating and allround person, trained in Yugoslavia, and we had several common friends, including Gene Lafond and John Costlow; we discussed a possible travel course, best to be held in January, and mentioned that a German prof doing something similar had been given 1,000 rolls of film by Agfa! We promised to keep in touch with each other but to-date that has not been the case except, I surmise, for one postcard.
After this pleasant episode it was still quite hot, but it rapidly cooled while I walked northward as far as the Sealord Hotel. Here I was accosted by a handicapped beggar and, after giving him some money, followed and harassed by two unshakable boys.
I was too late for a cabaret, but had some coffee and icecream in a large coffee house, which filled up rapidly when the movies went out. I don't think I have seen any nation whose population is as fond of or even addicted to movies as India ("Bollywood" produces several times more than Hollywood).
Someone there also told me that girls in Bangalore are "rented out" to brotheleers for R 150-200 per month, serving 15-30 customers a day who pay R 2 entree and R 10 fee. And President Reddy had left Kerala to-day. Pondering these newsworthy items and avoiding the smelly gutters, I made my way back to the Grand Hotel.

STATUS OF SANITATION AND MARKETING IN INDIA by P.S.B.R. James, K.S. Rao. M.E. Rajapandian, and V. Chandrika
which quotes: Rajendran, N. and C.V. Kurian, (1986). Crassostrea madrasensis (Preston) indicator of metal pollution in Cochin backwaters. Nat. Sem. Mussel Watch, Cochin, India, vol. I, 120131 - thus completing this round of links, tying in to the "Musselwatch" Project originated by my SIO Prof Ed Goldberg !
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