April 23, 1977, Sat. : (starting at 12551 ending at 12832, i.e. 281 km)
Woke up at 06:00, found out that ferry to Skye leaves at 12:30. Took a bath, shaved, had an excellent breakfast including kippers and wrote my log and postcards to Dad and Cdr Laird in Erie. Departure was somewhat tragi-comical, because I could not start the car. Rather than wearing out the battery, I asked the receptionist to call a mechanic, who arrived within 5 minutes and decided that an AAA man was needed, who was summoned and also appeared promptly.
In the meantime, I was accosted by a redhead a Canadian girl who was on a tour, but their driver was sick so could I perhaps take them along to Skye against payment? Of course, come along for free: One Toronto journalist/skater/tourleader, one Australian stenographer and one Chinese (Len) accountant, which were easily loaded up. Did not even have to pay the AAA man, and the sun came out so soon we were on our way to Mallaigh, Route A-830.

Eftsoon we were at the end of the two-lane road and had a single lane with occasional passing spots and numerous dirty sheep with long white hair and sticks therein and with black heads and legs and blobs of red, blue or purple marking paint. We passed Loch Eil near Glenfinnan, where I mailed the cards and stopped to see (show) a monument to Bonnie Prince Charlie.
Not only did we enjoy the beautiful mountains and waterfalls and heather, but we also chatted and sang Waltzing Mathilda. We made many turns via Arisaig to Morar, saw more falls and silver sands of which I took a sample.
It was fun to see how the adult sheep do not give a hoot about traffic while the lambs get panicky. We arrived in very crowded Mallaigh at 12:20, a pleasant fishing port where we found out that the ferry for which we were so nicely in time (12:30, as told) only plied her taking-cars trade in summer months !
Since two of the girls had to be in Fort William that night, they decided to risk taking the ferry and hope to find a bus, while I took the Chinese girl back to the highway where she got off around 14:00 at a gas station and I bought gas (petrol) for 7 Pounds, as well as candy and cigars. BLO fecit 20050211 - next page