Ben Oostdam during our visit to
Fugro-Cesco (Messrs A.L. Goulmy and Mosch) and Jaczon Fishing Co. (Mr.Bakker) Scheveningen, April 11

European Shipyards Tour


April 1977
Nizar Husain during our visit to Le Havre with Captain Pierre Guillaumeof ATAO who also introduced us to
CNEXO (Claude J. Riffaud, D.G., Robert Leandri, Maurice Fleury, Guy Girard and Daniel Reyss)
April1977oooA.jpg LeHavre_JosephCentricNizarHusainCaptainPirreGVuillaume-19770413.jpg
Soc.Nouvelle des Ateliers et
Chantiers du Havre (SNACH) Joseph Gentric (left), Nizar and Captain Guillaume (right) ; we also met: Francois Faury and Claude Legrand They built the R.V's "Noirot", "Charcot" and "Thallassa".
April1977oooB.jpg BLO fecit 20050130
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On April 12, we met Drs. Hillig [on behalf of Mr Kaddoura, Ast Secr.Gen.], and Selim Morcos of UNESCO about our Marine Pollution Program.. On April 13, we ended up in Dieppe to meet Mr Philippe Cambournac, D.G. of Ateliers et Chantiers de la Manche, which had built some 15 trawlers for Gulf Fisheries Co. of Kuwait.