1965 SOUTH AFRICA TOUR : Ben Oostdam, October 8 , page 25

This was my last day, had to pick up Mercia and Bennie at Joburg Airport this evening! I got up early, took a nice shower and wrote my 3x5 journal-card. Had breakfast with a Dane from FAO. Happily, the car started fine so no need to wake up Mike (or the King). Drove through nice scenery to M'hloti (near Pongola River), then crossed mountains and border between SA en Swaziland, without any problems. Just to make certain I had given my remaining cigars to some people I photographed (probably using my stereo camera)
Arrived in Pongola at 09:15 (15800). I decided to drive South into Zululand till 11:00, and reached Nongoma at 10:00 (15844) where I filled up my tank for R 2.13 and bought more oranges from a very well-endowed Zulugirl, while a flock of her friends chattered, laughed and showed of their English and other things. Heading "landward" (mauka)i.e. East, I reached Vrijheid aka Filidi at 12:45 and stopped for fish and chips (with vinegar). Then followed such familiar (to me, as a Dutchman) and famous places as Utrecht and Amersfoort as well as Newcastle which showed a display of a coal cart and was once the home of Sir Rider Haggard.
I tanked again for R 2.03 in Volksrust, [also see history, S.A. stories, and Fly Inn] at 15:00. (16011) By then, I got a bit worried and decided to race to Johannesburg at a mile a minute, so I got there at 18:00 but did not see any signs to Jan Smuts Airport. I got list in some rich quarters with numerous tennis courts but no shops or gas stations to ask. I finally made it to the airport at 19:20 (16173) in the middle of a sudden rainstorm, but had to wait till 21:00 for Mercia, Frits (to whom I had sold our Opel) and Ben to arrive. In the meantime, I cleaned out the inside of the OPEL (the rain had done the outside), changed clothes and called Mercia's aunt "Dimples" where we were to stay the next few days. It was not until 23:30 that we found their house, but the maid who had picked up the phone had already told us that we would never find it..., so we were prepared. It was nice seeing Dimples again and to meet her husband, "Oom" Hendrik Stork, and their daughters Annette and Hermine in pyamas. It was well past midnight when we ended up in bed and my tour officially ended.
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