1965 SOUTH AFRICA TOUR : Ben Oostdam, October 7 , page 24

I picked up an ochre haired hitchhiker by the name of Sambo Chabago (top right) and dropped him off at the hospital in Manzini to visit his wife and newborn son. He earned about R 20 per month and would like to be able to work in S.A. but that was not easy. He had just paid a "lobola" of 15 cows @ R 15/cow. In June there's a ceremony in which the unmarried girls go to the river wearing only skirts to cut long grass for the Paramount Chief, Sobhusa II. After buying some souvenirs in Mbabane and driving on a high gravel road past plantations near Mhlambanyati [things to do: 0] carrying more hitchhikers, I bought gas in Mankasana. Enjoying the mountais but bothered by the setting sun, I reached Goedgegun (now Nhlangano) at 19:00 (15744) where I had dinner and heard from my new friend Mike that yon barechest guest was King Sobhusa! We all slept well in the hotel that night, probably dreaming of nubile maidens.
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