1965 SOUTH AFRICA TOUR : Ben Oostdam, October 6 , page 22

I walked around the crowded city and was amazed at the strong contrast with South Africa and its apartheid. Here people appeared completely integrated shaking hands and sitting together in cafes regardless of color of skin. I had a ham and eggs with coffee for R 0.60. I visited some bars, talked with ubiquitous Dutch sailors and the padrones, was challenged by bar ladies but left as early as 22:30 driving to an esplanade- camping area along the Indian Ocean, where I enjoyed a good night's sleep in the back of the OPEL.
The next morning, I woke up early, washed, shaved and wrote my 3x5 card-journal. I went for a swim after crossing an extensive tidal flat, which was surprisingly unpolluted. Next, I had a cup of coffee and an egg sandwich, walked around some markets, and bought some tangerines. At 10:00 I left LM (15505) on the way to Goba. I discovered that the barrels people rolled along contained water which they got from roadside wells.
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