1965 SOUTH AFRICA TOUR : Ben Oostdam, October 4 , page 11

I took the sandpath to Nelspruit where I had to execute a strange turn to get onto the asphalt road and where I picked up a loquacious Zulu hitchhiker. Nelspruit was a pretty little town surrounded by fruit gardens. There was an excellent road to spectacularly scenic Sabie, where I was surrounded by sheep. This was a tree plantation area. I went on along a railroad, saw spectacular green (lichen) cliffs, horsefarms, a lonely high mountain, a gorge with waterfall, some passes, a tunnel. In the dark I negotiated spooky Leydsdorp, Gravelotte (where gold and emeralds and antimonium (not antinomy) are mined) and the copper mine town of Phalaborwa where I ate a fine steak before entering the gate of Krugerspark at 20:00.
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