1965 SOUTH AFRICA TOUR : Ben Oostdam, October 3, page 7

I stayed at Hotel Dixon for Rand 1.75, but since the key was lost, I had to climb on a ladder through the window,and I had to do without toilet paper and warm water. Walked around busy town and saw rich Indians driving around aimlessly in expensive cars. I knew something of the past history from having been a boy scout, but - of course - nothing yet about the "future history" now available on the WWW, including the episode of autonomous republics, this one going by the name of Bophuthatswana. I left early driving through ever lovelier scenery through Transvaal: (Coet)Zeerust, Swartruggens, Rustenberg and pretty Pretoria, 1 o/o 3 capital cities and rich in jacaranda. (12:00)
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