1965 SOUTH AFRICA TOUR : Ben Oostdam, October 2, page 6

After morning tea I left my "new" uncle and aunt in law and took a tar road to Upington which changed to asphalt and then, of a sudden, crushed stone. It kept on raining, much to my indignation. To make matters worse, I got a flat, but fortunately I had a spare tire. A worrisome prospect - where and when to get the flat fixed in the middle of the desert and in the weekend - was solved in the oasis of Olifantshoek (mileage 14180, time 15:00) where and when my tire was fixed in 10 minutes for R 0.35, about half a dollar! At Karuma, I talked with an old colored missionary couple with a bike and sidecart, a lean-to, primus stove and bible, spreading the gospel as in Mark 1. From then, I had good roads (with tumbleweeds!), through Vrijburg (gas, toilet, hamburger and coffee, 17:45) ending by 20:00 in historic Mafeking (Baden Powell).
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