Writing about the pizza which Rose and I ate in Taranto in July 1963 reminds me of the pizza which Mercia and I ate in Toronto in 1966 ....
I guess we are spoiled in the USA because of the many fine pizzas and toppings you can get here so much easier than in Italy itself.
Rose was a bit disappointed with the reasonably good pizza in Taranto.
Mercia had never had pizza in South Africa, so when we ended up in a Toronto hotel late at night in July 1966 and ordered a pizza, she called for a "large" one, thinking about how hungry we were.

It was astonishing to see the size of the box, just about a square yard, I think....
We ate as much as we could but had to face several ordeals eating the rest (remember, I don't throw away food) for days on end afterward.

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