Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.6

Wednesday, July 10: Mid-afternoon we bussed to the Rijksmuseum (Cuypers, 1885) and spent a few hours watching antique art, and, of course, showing off the "Nightwatch" to Rose...
Rembrandt's "Nachtwacht" Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
We then walked along the many antique shops to the Leidseplein, where we had a quick dinner of "broodjes" and coffee (astonished at the steep price of a cup of coffee, Nf 2.50, about US$ 0.75) . The Kalverstraat was quite empty, so we dropped in on the Cineac and saw a features on the Pope and on Space travel.

We toured the Rembrandtsplein, too early for action, then gravitated to the Red Light District, where things were rather subdued as well. Like many women, Rose was intrigued and fascinated. I had the pleasure of meeting an old KIM buddy, Leo Crane, who walked around lost and "tampkrachtig". Next, we went to a modern version of "Liaisons Dangereuses", pretty good. We got back by bus at midnight exactly, and it rained. Although Rose was impressed by the Dutch public transportation, she had some problems finding bathrooms and this was probably the oncome of her bladder infection.
July 11-18: Most of the time, Rose spent in bed sick with bladder infection. We visited our family doctor (or, rather, his substitute, more about whom later...) on July 14, and had him run a pregnancy test. He told us she was not pregnant, and that absence of period was normal under traveling conditions; (given that she had a baby in early April, 1964, he may have been wrong....) , but this decided us on preparing for further travel. In the meantime, I had some nice visits with the Kleyns, Jan Hempenius, Jurre Kuipers and the Smeenks.
July 19: We found out that we could rent a SIMCA 1000 from Dad's former bicycle garage keeper, van Poelgeest, for Nf 10 p.d., 150 kms free and 12c/km over 150. We bought some camping gear at the RAI and went to the US Consulate.
July 20-22: Rose was recovering well, and we took some walks and sailed a few hours. We also visited my Aunt Marie and her daughter Len in Amsterdam and found out that my Aunt Netty in Soest - had suffered a heart attack.

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