Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.5

Monday, July 8: Take Dad to school in his car, then drive with Rose to Utrecht where we walk around the Dom and noticed some of the old and dispersed buildings of the:

Well-received in the Geophysics Department, from where I phoned Scripps' friend Arnold Bouma who invited us in his ugly duckling for lunch at his apartment on 5th story: he does not appear too happy in Holland . . .

We continued with the Nieuwe Gracht, then drove on to modern-historic Arnhem, crossed the Ijssel River and visited Dieren and Doesburg (where I stocked up on Dutch candy, like licorice), the Veluwe, Roosendaal (castle closed) , then Nijkerk, picturesque Spakenburg -( where I bought Nf 3 smoked eel), then via Eemdijk to Baarn, busy Bussum to arrive just in time back at Dad's school to pick him up. Still astonished about this rapid trip by car, compared to what we used to do on bicycle!

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Arnold Bouma

Nieuwe Gracht



Tuesday, July 9" We took the bus to the Nassaukade, where we boarded a canal cruiser. Greatly enjoyed the manoeuvring through the dirty waters. Although the WWW abounds with photographs of Amsterdam canals, bridges and facades, I plan to put my own on the Web before I turn 80 ;o] - - like here?
That evening, we rented a rowboat at Touw's on the Amstelveen Poel and did our own cruise in its well-charted waters and reeds.

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