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Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:
Tuesday, August 13, 1963: I got up at 05:00 on this my 31st birthday woken up by a growling lumbertruck, which fortunately headed the other way. Loaded up a large rock for my Dad's garden and walked around a bit, meeting a gruff forester-agent who told me" "Il ne faut pas aller la." We cleaned up and cleared out, arriving in chilly Remouchamps at 07:00 for a hot chocolade milk. We then climbed around till we could enter the caves at 09:00. The temperature is 14 degrees C. year around, the water 8-9 degrees. It was impressive but not as much as Carlsbad. Of course there was a cathedral shape stalagmite, but its effect was spoiled by someone carrying a loud radio. We took a boat for the last mile back, which was a fine experience.
We then drove through crowded Liege (Luik) [the first "foreign" city on my 1950 biketrip; also note that the weblink is only four days old!] and on a bad road through Hasselt [commemorable for the kilometer score of our SIMCA 1000: 12345] back into The Netherlands which welcomed us with rain. We ate a quick ham sandwich and croquette in 's Hertogenbosch with its impressive St Jan's Cathedral

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River Engineering and Morphology
While crossing the Waalbrug near Zaltbommel, we were literally confronted with a cracked windshield ... but fortunately, it happened on the last hour of our tour! We reached home in Amstelveen at 15:30 to the surprise of my parents and had Uncle Joop and Jaap and Tineke de Klein over that evening to tell about our adventures and to drink Retzina.


History of the Low Countries
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