SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.47

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:
Monday, August 12, 1963: That night, we experienced some severe rainstorms; Rose pushed me against the tentcloth, so it and I got soaked. Forgot to tell that yesterday we had splurged on gas and food, so with full stomachs and a filled tank but no francs in my wallet, we drove through France.

"ansichtkaarten" - Images of Epinal - XS
lakes in the Hautes-Vosges
Epinal, beautiful Moselle River, (trout country), Vosges Mountains, Nancy, Kobbels (?), Metz. While Rose slept in the back, I smoked a cigar and planned to visit "my" widow in Dombales; but suddenly the roadmap blew out of the window: rain, too, conspired to undo my plans ("medea" in Greek, which also has another meaning)
Beyond Thionville, the scenery was more subdued, and after 300 km without stop we reached the Luxembourg border, and briefly afterwards, at 13:15, the capital itself, where we ate a ham-sandwich in a restaurant waiting for 14:00 when the bank opened to casch a check. We diddled around, visited tourist-laden Clervaux where I bought a doll for niece Ronny. We also located the Three-Country-Point (presumably Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium) and drove on till 19:00 when we stopped some 30 km short of Remouchamps, pitched our tent in the field and made a fire to cook a large can of food we had carried along all the way from Holland.

We then made an evening walk, saw two deer, discussed Rose's Mom and met 3 walkers, including an elderly lady who I addressed in French. She said I was English, but I told her that I was Dutch...and so was she, surprise....[bis]

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